How to connect several Dishes to my STRONG Receiver using DiSEqC Switches ?

 A DiSEqC Switch  (Digital Satellite Equipment Control) is a device, which enables you to connect multiple LNBs to a common satellite receiver. 

Connecting your  Digital Satellite Receiver to several dishes give you the opportunity to increase the number of FREE-TO-AIR Channels to view.

In Nigeria and in Western Africa you can receive more than 20 different Satellites broadcasting FREE-TO-AIR channels. So why prevent yourself from increasing your number of TV Channels ?

How Does a DiSEqC Switch work ?

A DiSEqC Switch is a peripheral device which enable the selection of one of a multitude of connected LNB  sources (950-2300MHz Inter­mediate Frequency) on the basis of digital commands generated by the receiver.


All Digital Satellite Receiver are not DiSEqC compliant, especially poor quality STB provided by Pay-TV operators. All STRONG Receivers are DiSEqC compliant.

STRONG - DiSEqC Switches


You have to go to the Installation/Settings page of your STRONG receiver. Then you have to select the input of the LNB (1, 2, 3, 4 etc) according to the LNB which receives the signal of a particular satellite.

For instance, if the LNB which  receives the signal of Astra 2F is connected to the input 1 of your DiSEqC Switches, you will have to select in the setting page input 1 for Astra 2F.

If you receive with a single LNB two different satellites (which are close in the space one from each other; for instance Amos 5 & Eutelsat 16), you will have to configure your receiver with the two satellites connected to the same input.