Discover the SRT 4920 Serie

Enjoy High Definition pictures and surround sound with our new Series SRT 4920.With this receiver you can listen to music, view photos, record & playback videos on the TV screen. Moreover, you will enjoy additional features when connecting the receiver to the Internet, such as YouTube, Google Map, weather forecasts and quite more others built-in web application. SRT 4920 Series allows you to enjoy IPTV. This low power consumption receiver has a wide range of features and effortless operation. Have fun with home entertainment in HD. As of today this Series is declined in 5 different models: SRT 4920, SRT 4920A, SRT 4922, SRT 4922A & SRT 4922D+.

SRT 4920 Series — Common Features

• 3D Broadcasts Compatible via HDMI
• Video Resolution: 1080i/p, 720p, 576i/p
• DVR-Ready via USB External Mass Data Storage Device
•  Time Shift, Record & Playback
• USB 2.0 Host for MPEG, MP3 & MP4 Playback, JPEG Viewing & Firmware Update
•  Ethernet Port (RJ-45) for Software Updates
•  10,000 Programmable Channels

• DVB-S/S2, MPEG-2/4 H.264 Compliant
• HDMI Output
• Programmable Function Keys: F1~F4 & 0~9
• Dolby Digital Electrical Output
• 16:9 Full Screen, 4:3 Letterbox & Full Screen
• Advanced Blind Scan
• Auto & Manual Channel Search
• Auto Voltage (AC 100 – 250V~) SMPS

SRT 4920 Series — Specific Features according to the Models

SRT 4920SRT 4920ASRT 4922SRT 4922ASRT 4922D+
Embedded CONAX CAS7 Card ReaderNoNoYesYesYes
RF ModulatorNoYesNoYesYes
USB 2.0 Host(s)11114
RS-232C PortYesYesYesYesNo

SRT 4920 Series — Common Internet Features

Features-GoogleMapFeatures-YouTubeFeatures-WeatherFeatures-RSSFeatures-NetphotoFeatures-VKFeatures-InternetRadioFeatures-Picasa Features-IPTV

SRT 4922 Presentation

SRT 4922D+ — Let's Play Video Games !

The brand New SRT 4922D+ has 4 USB Hosts which allow you to play more than 100 Video Games for FREE.

You can indeed plug two joysticks and enjoy a variety of FREE Games: Sports, Action, Fight…

Read this Article in order to find out How to play Games on SRT 4922D+