Beware! SRT 4960HD is not a STRONG Product

A new fake model of STRONG receiver has been release in Ghana & Nigeria. SRT 4960HD is not a STRONG receiver.  Beware of becoming victim to unscrupulous resellers peddling SRT 4960 HD.


FAKE SRT 4960 HD is:

  •  of very poor build quality, with a short life expectancy
  • incompatible with GENUINE STRONG software, with resulting valuable functions and features loss, such as:
    •  the FREE daily newspaper delivery service
    •  the full use of the Remote Control Handset
    •  Internet connectivity…

FAKE STRONG products are:

  • an outright infringement on STRONG’s intellectual property rights
  •  potentially hazardous as a product of cheap build and poor quality
  •  obviously, not covered by STRONG’s warranty against defects in workmanship
  • a source of legal trouble for those tempted by reselling it
  •  an ultimate source of financial losses to those who handle it

SRT 4960 HD has:

  •  no Lan Port
  •  no Card Slot

1. Packaging

Fake SRT 4960HD - packaging


2. Front Panel


3. Rear Panel

Fake-4960HD-Rear Panel

4. Remote Control Unit