Beware of FAKE SRT 4922A !

A new version of fake SRT 4922A has been released in Nigeria and others African countries. You will find in this post all the information in order to easily identify such poor quality receiver.

FAKE SRT 4922A is:

  •  of very poor build quality, with a short life expectancy
  • incompatible with GENUINE STRONG software, with resulting valuable functions and features loss, such as:
    •  the FREE daily newspaper delivery service
    •  the full use of the Remote Control Handset
    •  the Smart Card reader
    •  Internet connectivity…
  • fake SRT 4922 will suffer the same fate of fake SRT 4669, sooner rather than later.

FAKE STRONG products are:

  • an outright infringement on STRONG’s intellectual property rights
  •  potentially hazardous as a product of cheap build and poor quality
  •  obviously, not covered by STRONG’s warranty against defects in workmanship
  • a source of legal trouble for those tempted by reselling it
  •  an ultimate source of financial losses to those who handle it

 1. Packaging

SRT 4922A - Fake Packaging

 GENUINE packaging has:
– Either the «Newspaper» logo OR the «My TV» logo on either side

Packaging of FAKE Units has:
– both «My TV» AND «Newspaper» logos on the same side
– a scratched picture of the newspaper logo

2.  Front Panel

SRT 4922A - Fake Front PanelFront Panel of FAKE units has no:

– plastic film protection
– USB Icon & Information engraving

The «Stand-By» LED light remains red when the units is switched ON

3. Bottom Chassis

SRT 4922A - Fake Bottom Chasis

Bottom Chassis of FAKE units:

– has fewer ventilation slots, causing inevitable overheating of the electronic components
– has a plastic protection film on which is pasted the Serial Number and the four rubber pads
– carries no Warranty Seal


4. Fake Remote Control Unit

SRT 4922A - Fake Remote Control Unit

Remote Control Handset of FAKE units has no STRONG information printed on its back.


In the same vein, FAKE SRT 4930L units are being sold. As most FAKE products, it is substantially different from the GENUINE product, built with cheap and unreliable components and offering little of the GENUINE unit’s functions and features…