About us

Strong Technologies l.l.c., of Dubai, was set up at the beginning of 1996 as part of the Strong & Co. (Far East), Ltd. group of companies, of Yokohama, Japan. The parent company was founded in 1868 and had the distinction of being the first-ever foreign organisation to be licensed to operate in Japan.

The group’s activities are diverse and include manufacturing and distribution of products ranging from perfume to carbon fibre sports products, from oil supply equipment to fabrics, from motors to satellite TV receiving equipment and content.

Strong Technologies l.l.c. was established as a regional office to cover the Middle & Near Easts, Africa and parts of Asia, handling the satellite TV receiving equipment distribution activities for the group. The impact of the products and level of service provided was immediate: with its business partners and within a relatively short period of time, Strong Technologies l.l.c. was able to gain the trust of a wide and demanding range of customers. Since 1998, Strong Technologies l.l.c. has remained a major player in the satellite TV receiving equipment industry in the region. As at today, over 5 million households, in the Middle East alone, are equipped with a Strong branded product.

Strong Technologies l.l.c. has business partners in most countries where the Strong brand is active. Thanks to those partners’ support, Strong Technologies l.l.c. was able to achieve significant market penetration in most Middle & Near East countries, as well as several West African countries. Besides working hard to improve its presence in existing markets, the company aims to serve new markets that its products and services have yet to reach. The search for active and qualified new partners is always on.

The group’s efforts were rewarded on numerous occasions over the years. Such as when Strong was awarded:

  • Equipment supply contracts by NTV (Russia), MultiChoice (Africa), and Canal+ Horizons (Africa and Middle & Near Easts)
  • Equipment distribution contracts by Canal+ (Italy, The Netherlands and Scandinavia)
  • Contents distribution contracts by Canal+ Horizons (Africa and Middle & Near Easts) and ADD (Lebanon & Syria)

The company’s relentless efforts towards providing high quality products, backed with outstanding technical support and after sales service set Strong Technologies l.l.c apart from the competition.

With the highly efficient transportation and communication infrastructure that the UAE has to offer, the company’s Dubai base is in a unique position to serve the Arab world, the African continent, the Near East and some countries in Asia.

As the Mother Company’s age (now over 135 years) might suggest, Strong Technologies l.l.c beliefs, business philosophy and resulting policies, behaviour and actions are all geared for the long term.

That philosophy applies to dealings with all distributors, dealers, clients and end-users.